Birthday Parties at Messy Art Lab



Art Garden

1371 9th Ave.

Indoor Studio: 500 sf

Art Garden: 1500 sf

Art Lab

345 Judah St

Indoor Studio: 1000 sf 

Messy.Art.Lab parties are 2 hours long, consisting of calm art activities during the first 30 minutes of the party giving time to guests to arrive, and 1 hour for messy fun!

You will be able to have the cake during the last 30 minutes of the party. We have plenty of tables and chairs for your food set up and guests.


1371 9th Ave -Art Garden location- Between October and February, available only for small groups of up to 15 children or 20 guests total.

345 Judah St. -Art Lab- Available for groups of up to 20 children or 35 guests total.

The art part of the party:

Our setup consists of several art and sensory stations. (paint wall, playdough table, mixed-media where kids can create artwork and take it home, and other sensory and creative activities. 

During the art portion of your party, children will cycle through the stations at their own pace. They may choose to only get to two stations, or they might get to all of them twice! While we greatly encourage each child to get to every station, we prefer that everyone experience the party in their own unique way.

Our teachers will guide the main art project (list below) for children to work on and take home. We finalize the art part of the party with bubble time. 


All our activities are developmentally age-appropriate and are open-ended enough that even younger or older siblings will enjoy and accomplish them with great success!

You will have friendly instructors facilitating the art activities at your party.

The guest number will be confirmed 7 days before the event.

We will experiment with one of our most popular art projects and take it home.  



Decorations and setup!!!
-You can arrive 15 minutes before your party starts to set up if needed.
-The studio will be decorated with a colorful backdrop. Although not needed, you can bring any decoration of your preference.

Time Slots:
10 AM to 12 PM
1 PM to 3 PM 
4 PM to 6 PM





$595 Basic Party Package

(up to 10 children and their adults.

Only ONE adult per child is included)


$20 for each additional guest (child or adult)