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who we are

we are here to inspire


Messy Art Lab is an award-winning process-oriented children's art studio that puts creative exploration and sensory engagement first.


Our program is designed to provide children with an enjoyable and memorable art experience. 


It emphasizes explorationimagination, and creativity while developing motor, cognitive, and social skills.

about the founder

Yoissy Thomas

founder & educator

Yoissy is an artist and educator with expertise in Process Art and Reggio Emilia approach.

As a mother of two children, she strongly believes in cultivating creativity and embracing the joyful chaos that comes with it. Currently based in San Francisco with her family, she is a passionate advocate for making art education accessible for every child. Her favorite color is rainbow, and she could live off bitter chocolate ice cream, pasta, and Triple Mushroom Arizmendi Pizza.

studio teachers

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Toddler and camp teacher

Meet Teacher Betty! She's a bundle of passion and energy, with a heart that just adores children. With her background in child development, she brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom. Get ready for a fun-filled learning adventure with Teacher Betty

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Operations Manager and Camp Teacher

Meet Teacher Ximena! Full of passion for arts. She's also our go-to admin masterfully handling the behind-the-scenes magic that keeps our studio running smoothly. She loves  ensuring every child's journey is filled with joy and growth!



Assistant teacher

Meet Teacher Dina! Bursting with passion and endless energy, she's all about spreading love to her little learners. With a heart that beats for children and a knack for bringing the party vibes, she's guaranteed to make every day in the studio  an absolute blast!

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