Messy Art Lab
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Messy Art Lab Pop-up

serves the City of San Francisco.

Messy.Art.Lab parties are 1.5 hours long, consisting of calm art activities during the first 30 minutes of the party giving time to guests to arrive, and 1 hour for messy fun!. If you prefer another timing plan we are open to discussing it. 

Pop Up Birthday Party Activities


The basic Pop-up Messy Art Lab birthday party consist in six stations. Addon activities are available to personalized your party.


All activities that we have are developmentally age appropriate and are open-ended enough that even younger or older siblings will enjoy and accomplish them with great success!


Messy.Art.Lab activities are 1.5 hours long, consisting of calm art activities during the first 30 minutes of the party and 1 hour for the messy fun!.


During the art portion of your party, children will cycle through the stations at their own pace. They may choose to only get to two stations, or they might get to all of them twice! While we greatly encourage each child to get to every station, especially the make-and-take station, we prefer that everyone experience the party in their own unique way.


You will have friendly instructors facilitating the art activities at your party. The number of instructors will depend on how many guest you are expecting. Guest number will be confirmed 5 days prior the event.


Messy.Art.Lab parties include all the preparation of food based non toxic art supplies, regular art supplies, set up, smocks, and clean up.


Please let us know if you expect that there will be guests who might need special assistance.

Having this information in advance will help us run the party more smoothly, and ensure that

your guests are taken care of.




Coloring Table: We will have a huge collective coloring activity to start and warm up while all your guests arrive to the party. Children will color and draw with different type of art materials. We will also invite them to create their own art pieces.


Mixed media: Guests at your child’s party will have the opportunity to work on mixed media and frame it. We will use printmaking and painting fun techniques to design the base for their work. Since this project is so open ended, different age groups can scale it to their level.


Play Dough: Play dough is amazingly imaginative. Our play dough is made right in our studio from food ingredients. We will offer playdough and random inspiring materials to allow each child to get creative.


Easel: 2 easels for large scale independent work. Children will paint with tempera and different kind of brushes. Some might take their art work home.


Flubber (or other sensory station): Flubber is a unique substance we make in our studio. It’s so exciting to play with! you can rip it, roll it, stretch it, break it, bounce it, and let it all get back together when you’re done. (We are also open to create a station based on your child’s favorite sensory play)


Very Messy Paint: Our table top painting station is unique, because we will paint with tons of paint (also made in our studio)! We’ll put out lots of tools and a variety of paint colors in squeeze bottles for your guests to explore and play with. Eventually, table top painting turns into wild finger painting!

Bubbles: Activities end with a bubble party


Basic Birthday Party Package

(up to 10 children)

$18 For each additional child.

*Please email for availability.


Yoissy Thomas

Addon 1

$60 per event


We will experiment and learn how to make one of the below art projects and take it home.
(choose any of those Flubber/Slime,Playdough, Bath Bombs, Craft Project)




Addon 2

$60 per event

Canvas Paint

Children will paint on collaborative painting on a canvas with out of the box techniques (Keepsake for birthday child).


Addon 3

$6 each

Goody Bags

Cloth bag with age appropriate art supplies and surprises.



Addon 4

$80 per hr.

In one hour we can paint 12 full face designs. We use only FDA compliant paint that is specifically designed for the face.