Messy Art Lab
comes to you!


Messy Art Lab Mobile

serves the City of San Francisco.

Messy.Art.Lab parties are 1.5 hours long, consisting of calm art activities during the first 30 minutes of the party giving time to guests to arrive, and 1 hour for messy fun! 

Messy.Art.Lab activities are 1.5 hours long, consisting of calm art activities during the first 30 minutes of the party and 1 hour for the messy fun!.


All activities we offer are developmentally age-appropriate and are open-ended enough that even younger or older siblings will enjoy and accomplish them with great success!



For children 4 years and younger: 

During the art portion of your party, children will cycle through four sensory stations at their own pace. They may choose to only get to two stations, or they might get to all of them twice! While we greatly encourage each child to get to every station, especially the ‘make-and-take’ station, we prefer that everyone experience the party in their own unique way. 


Children 4 and up*: 

Kids will follow 2 guided activities and a group painting. 


Friendly instructors help facilitate the art activities at your party. The number of instructors will depend on how many guests you are expecting. The guest number will be confirmed 5 days prior to the event.


Messy Art Lab parties include all the art supplies, set up, smocks, and clean up. 


Choose one of these activities:

-Mixed Media Jewelry. 

-Slime and Bath Bomb making.

-Magic Wands and Potions. Most popular!

Great for your 'fairy' or Harry Potter party!


Set up 


  • 2 Teepees for sensory play with sensory bins & activities. (5 and under). 

  • 2 Easels for large-scale group work. 

  • Tables and benches/stools. 

  • Ground protector (rug) 

Location: Must be close to a unloading zone or parking lot. Must have access to water.


Basic Birthday Party Package

(up to 10 children)

$20 For each additional child.

*Please email for availability.