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Our after-school program is an extension of the creativity and joy your children experience at school and over the summer. Led by our talented instructors, these classes are designed to build upon their artistic skills while introducing them to new techniques, concepts, and ideas.


We ascribe to the Reggio Emilia approach to create a dynamic, child-centered, and inclusive learning environment that nurtures creativity, curiosity, and a love for artistic expression. The experience of making art is fundamental for children’s development. Our process-oriented and open-ended projects are crucial to the joy of making art, empowering self-esteem, and inviting creativity in all aspects of our lives.

Our 3 Program Goals:

1. Nurture Expressive Creativity

2. Cultivate Inquisitive Exploration

3. Encourage Collaborative Learning

stream 1: in-studio

3-5 pm

Add-On Early Care + Walking Bus

  • $25 per hour, per student.

  • We can pick-up your child at a neighboring school within 1.1 miles of our studio.

  • Minimum of 3 students required for us to pickup/walking bus.

Class Flow

  1. Open Exploration Stations for children to explore along with an open-ended Guided Activity

  2. Start of Class + Welcome Circle (5 mins)

  3. Movement (20 minutes)

  4. Calming Circle + Snack (20 minutes)

  5. Guided Activity (40 mins)

  6. Open Exploration (30 mins)

  7. Closing Circle + End of Class (5 mins)

stream 2: in-school

We are thrilled to introduce a fantastic new opportunity for your children to explore their creativity and artistic talents right at their own school.

  • We are available Monday through Friday

  • $36 per student (minimum of 7 students, maximum 15)

  • 50-minute classes.

Special Offer:
30% savings =
$25 per student (min. 8 students, max. 15)

Class Flow

We will adapt the activities and set-up depending on the group's needs and ages.

The project may be set up as one activity to work on during the entire class, or as a station along with other sensory stations.

  1. Start of Class + Welcome Circle (5 mins)

  2. Guided Activity / Stations (40 mins)

  3. Closing Circle + End of Class (5 mins)

(Please contact us about setting up a program in your child’s school as this

needs to be coordinated with the school.)

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