Messy Art Lab 

Social Distancing Family Agreement


In order to protect our students, families and teachers we ask that all families enrolled please read and agree to follow this agreement.

The purpose of this agreement is to clarify and detail the risk level of various activities.

By having all families abide by reasonable caution during their outside of Messy Art Lab time, we can ensure that all families can be more comfortable and confident in their child’s interactions within the group.

The following chart shows risk levels of various activities.


Please keep your activities in the low to medium risk level and use caution as much as possible.


-Please have all family members age 3 and over wear a mask when in public spaces.

-Please limit your social interactions to a small number of trusted friends or family who are also following social distancing practices. Meeting outside and while wearing masks is safest.

-Please remember that all families must follow the illness policy and sick children must remain home. Please check your child’s temperature daily before class.

- Please practice good hand hygiene and teach your children the importance of doing so as well.

-Our goal is to allow the group to continue to meet and keep everyone healthy.

-In addition, the SF Department of Children, Youth and Families has released guidance for out-of-school programs. Please read this for your reference and know that we will follow these guidelines, as applicable to our program.